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The collaborative efforts of Founders Xuan Mu, Malcolm Wood and Group Executive Chef Lee Man Sing of Hong Kong have brought forth the extraordinary Mott No.32 menu, enriched by their collective 75 years of experience in luxury dining. 

Xuan Mu was born in Vietnam and raised in the UK where he helped his family to run a chain of Chinese restaurants across London from a very early age. When he opened Mott No.32 he wanted to serve simple dishes with honest ingredients and cook with traditional techniques. Malcolm Wood, who is half Chinese and half English and lived in Taiwan during his formative years before settling in Hong Kong, has nurtured a passion for the cherished recipes of Chinese home cooking with a blend of modern western cooking techniques to give a unique style to his recipes. 

This profound appreciation seamlessly merges with Chef Lee's exceptional talent in crafting some of Hong Kong's most beloved dishes, resulting in an unrivalled culinary partnership. Together, they have created a winning combination that forms the very essence of the Mott No.32 dining experience.